What We Thought Was Lost (LIVE EP)

by Sea Giant

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released December 15, 2013

Kyler Ferguson - Vocals/Synth/Keys
Conor Knowles - Vocals/Guitar/Programming/Synth

ALBUM ARTWORK: A picture of our best friend Mike with the skeletal remains of a large animal.



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Sea Giant Spokane, Washington

Sea Giant are an electronic goth rock band from Spokane, WA.

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Track Name: Close
I don't think that I could save your life,
I don't think I'll even try.
And before we saw eye to eye,
Something in your voice said goodbye.

I was trying to be brave for us,
I'll never tell you just how scared I was.
You'll never see the things that make us up,
Or know the bravery that saved your life.

I don't think that you could change my mind,
I don't think you should even try.
Well I tried to meet you eye to eye,
But something in my heart said goodbye.
Track Name: These Years Will Eat Us Alive
I find fear where we used to hide,
You find hope where you're left to die.
You look for god in the pain you fight,
My dirty bones are all you find.

There's a ghost that haunts you at night,
It's the faces you hide behind.
And all I want is to help somehow,
But I know I'd just let you down.
And I'm still trying to find a better way to walk,
After the parts they took.
They say we'll never be okay.
I've worn out my time,
And you have nothing left to say.

I want, I want you on my side,
When our dreams leave us behind.
I'll be, I'll be on your side,
When these years eat us alive.
Track Name: Utah
Choose your door,
But know it'll close behind you if you ever see your faults.
And you've shown so much more
Promise than you take credit for.
Shield your ears, forget everything you know.

You've grown without hope,
And now you're cursed to live inside these empty arms.
But wait, 'cause we know the lonely space between the truth
Of the things you lose and the things you hold on to.

You held me tight again,
You wept as you said you need more to believe in.
You wanted something new,
So we said goodbye and then said nothing else.

Somedays I miss you more than anything,
Most days you're just a sting in my back.
I wonder what cold force tore you away from me,
And what filled your heart with such blackness
to cut my so harshly as it has.
It has left me with no more love for you,
And this is my last goodbye to you and everything we once were.

I saw someone else living in my old house,
I'm happy I saw them there 'cause now I'm left with no regrets.
I feel something else,
It's left me with no more love for Utah...
...no more love for Utah.
Track Name: The Great Panic
You and I, we're so far from sleep,
And we will die cold and out of reach.
There's something else that's keeping us apart,
You can find it in the bitterness of where you are.

Our hearts are the wars we will never beat,
And the love that you want, you will never see.
I wish I could have known you then,
When your eyes were alone and you saw no end.
Track Name: What We Thought Was Lost
It's a feeling we share,
An emptiness that cuts our throats.
There's wounds that we wear,
Like the skin that shields our bones.
There's things that we know we're never gonna understand at all.
It's in the way that you rose from the walls that you're made from.
In cold breath you ask, "where do I belong?"

It's something we share,
It's what we thought was lost.
It's not something we can mend,
Just by trying to find the cause.
And somedays it holds your throat,
And somedays you just really don't care at all.
It's in the way that you rose from the love that you had then,
If given a second chance, you'd just fuck it up again.

I know someday I'm gonna lose it all,
And finally cut my line.
And it terrifies me to no end,
Just as much as it helps me sleep at night.

These are the thoughts that haunt us,
While we sleep.

Could you ever save my life?
Or would you just leave me behind,
In the night when the fire burns out?

Could you ever save my life?
Or would you be the death I find,
In the night when the fire burns out?